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There are some Dyers, who, in heating their vats, do not put in the indigo immediately after the liquor is poured from the copper into the vat, but wait some hours till they see her come to work: this they do as a precaution, lest the vat should fail, and the indigo be lost; but by this method, the indigo does not so freely yield its colour, as they are obliged to work her as soon as she is fit, that she may not cool, so that the indigo, not being entirely dissolved, nor altogether incorporated, has no effect. Four hours after, she must be raked, without serving her with lime; the cover is then put on, leaving, as before, an opening for the air; in this manner she must be let to stand for two or three hours. If the vat gives a good green to the pattern, she must be raked, served with one or two measures of lime, and covered. The fire is then removed from the copper, and a little cold water cast into it to stop the boil; after which the whole is put into the vat, with one pound of powdered indigo, diluted in a portion of the liquor as before related; after this the vat is raked, covered, and some fire put round; the next day she is fit to work. If a method was discovered to give the colouring parts of dying woods, the necessary astriction which they require, and if the wood at the same time was prepared to receive them, as it is the red of madder I am convinced, by thirty experience, that these woods might be made as useful in the great, as they have hitherto been in the lesser dye.

Tuhandes sosinas valgusest tõin ilmale kaalukausil tukkuva hinge. Kiht kihilt koorus peitemängu maha, ma tundsin, kuidas alla voolas värv.

Tuhandes sosinas valgusest tõin ilmale kaalukausil tukkuva hinge. Kiht kihilt koorus peitemängu maha, ma tundsin, kuidas alla voolas värv.

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Ja sulas ümber luude tukslev vaha ja selles kaoses katkes viimne närv. Täiskuu valguses vesi üle südame pesi minu raamatu raame.

Sustaflex valu liigestest Kuidas eemaldada valu jalgade liigeste poletikuga

Mu hingel oli valus samamoodi, kui siis, mil katnud seda oli rind. Ja pööreldes käis mööda tuba voodi, kus unevalus nutmas nägid mind.

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  3. THERE are very few arts so extensive as that of dying; and although those principal commodities, clothing and furniture, receive their chief improvement and value therefrom, it is nevertheless very far from being brought to perfection.
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Aeg neelas alla halvaksläinud õhtud ja mälestused, millel kasvas tolm. Ja kõigist, Rind Hurt Spin mu küsimusist tehtud, jäi päevatõusuks alles ainult kolm.

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In a thousand whispers, I brought from the light a soul pondering on a scalepan. In the light of the full moon, water over my heart washed the frames of my book. The wind tore patches away, as I stood in the cold night rain, from my wax-shade skin.

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All seemed so simple and a cuckoo sang in my unthawed brain. Carried by the full moon, I rose up in the gentle light of the full moon, wrote my heart out on Rind Hurt Spin mouth.

Layer by layer the pretense was shed, I felt the paint come off. And the wax surging around my bones was melted and in this chaos, the last of my nerves was severed.